Prepare For The Mighty Return Of Broad City By Playing Broad City Bingo!


Tue, January, 13 by

Tomorrow is the big day: Our two favourite Broads are back! That’s right, season two of Broad City is set to return tomorrow night at 10:30E/7:30P on Much (we assume you’ve had that marked on your calendar for months), but if you need a quick refresher on one of TV’s funniest shows, we’ve got the perfect catch-up activity for you — BROAD CITY BINGO!

How does one play Broad City Bingo? It’s easy. You can play on your own or a with a group. Pick an episode of Broad City (or one for each player in the game), play them all the way through, and see how many Bingo boxes you can check off. If you get five in a row then shout “BINGO!”

For example, say you picked last season’s finale “The Last Supper” as one of your episodes: You can definitely check off screaming, talk of adulthood, Ilana hits on a guy, dick talk and vagina talk! And, of course, the middle square is a freebie! See? Simple stuff!

Download and print your own card here!