Pretty Little Liars Creator Just Basically Confirmed Huge Spoilers

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What happens when you get fired from one of the most secretive shows on TV? In the case of Pretty Little Liars, you go to Reddit and reveal spoilers that have been six seasons in the making.

At least, that’s what one rumoured former PLL worker did last night. A Reddit user who claims to be a former PA on the series said they were fired after failing a mandatory drug test, posting “Was a PA on PLL. I was working during the finale and pretty much every episode through s6. I think I know enough.”

The alleged fired PA then goes on to reveal every spoiler from Season 6 of PLL, including Charles’ identity and upcoming deaths.

Depending on your viewing preferences, spoilers can be great and allow you to enjoy a show without stress.


But for many of us, spoilers are a huge vacuum of suckage taking the fun out of six season of dedication, which is why we haven’t posted any links to the Reddit thread.


We hoped that all the unceremonious reveals were big ol’ fakes when we spotted this Instagram post from PLL Executive Producer I. Marlene King.

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YAY! The spoilers are fake! We can keep our detective hats on.


At least, that’s how we felt until we saw King’s next post.

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Dang. Why post something about karma once you’ve just reassured viewers that the leak is a fake? Whether the leaked information is real or not, we can’t wait to see the rest of Season 6 play out on screen.

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