Proof That Beyoncé Can Perform Through Anything


If there’s one performer who has earned her royal title as Queen, it’s Beyoncé. The seasoned pro has epitomized the term ‘the show must go on’ by easily conquering each stage she sets foot on.

During last night’s Tidal concert, Beyoncé’s earring was ripped out mid-performance—yet she continued to slay, while the rest of us mere mortals would curled up in a ball as we cried and tweeted #PrayForUs.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Beyoncé’s rumoured mortality has tried to take the singer down. It also isn’t the first time she’s given Wonder Woman a run for her money.

Back in 2007, Beyoncé felt the effects of falling post-YouTube. The pop star was performing in Orlando, Florida when her heel caught on her jacket and she fell head first down a flight of stairs. In a move of pure strength and professionalism, Beyoncé quickly recovered a through in a few head bangs for good measure. In the clip below, Beyoncé breaks down the fall, which didn’t even come close to breaking Bey.

Was this crouch at Beyoncé’s 2010 concert in Brazil just the singer getting closer to fans or saving herself from a fall? We’ll never know for sure, because you don’t become Kween by giving away your secrets.

In 2013, Beyoncé was giving an emotional rendition of her ballad “Halo” when her hair was caught in a fan. We’re not talking about a member of the Beyhive, but a literal spinning, sharp, don’t-get-your-hair-caught-in-it fan. The seasoned performer never missed a note, continuing with the performance while her security team literally cut her free.

During this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, the world collectively held their breath when Beyoncé was *this* close to taking a tumble backwards. Bey proved you don’t need a helmet and shoulder pads to be an athlete, quickly catching herself and continuing on with the high energy performance.


Nice try, stages. Don’t hurt yourself.