Quick Before They’re Gone! 6 Celebs You Must Follow On Snapchat


The first thing most people do when they wake up is lurk through their social networks. We at Much.com sure do. We always make a morning stop on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and lately Snapchat.

We don’t have to tell ya’ll this but for one second, let us explain Snapchat for anyone out of the loop. Snapchat is a popular app for people to post videos or pictures and share to their friends and followers. The perk? The upload disappears a few seconds after your friends open it. Unless of course someone takes a screenshot of it…

Let’s admit it. You most likely wouldn’t watch 284 seconds of your friends’ Snapchat story. You would though if it was Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Jared Leto, Kylie Jenner or even Tyga.

More and more celebrities are jumping onto the bandwagon of SC and letting their fans into their day-to-day life. You’ll feel like you’re a part of their entourage.

Check out our picks of celebrities y’all should probably friend on SC. Thank us later.


SC handle: rihanna


With Rihanna’s snaps you can see her ball bigger than LeBron. Rih and her entourage post stories of her relaxin’, getting glammed up for an event, singing (“Earned It” by the Weeknd) and even her reaction when she’s stopped by fans on the road.

Ryan Seacrest

SC handle: ryanseacrest


When you friend Ryan on Snapchat he makes you feel like you got VIP access to meet A-list celebrities. Seacrest snaps photos with celebs all over the place like his radio talk show and other star-studded events like the Grammys and the Oscars.

Kylie Jenner

SC handle: kylizzlemynizzl


You’ll see the youngest Jenner posts selfies, videos of her singing, her older sister Kim Kardashian’s closet, and random sisterly stuff with Kendall Jenner. Cute!


SC handle: lamboluxury

The rapper posts stories of him on the road doing shows, hanging with his son King, lounging around in the studio and coolin’ it with the Jenner sisters.

Jared Leto

SC handle: jaredleto


If you’re excited for the upcoming film “Suicide Squad” or you want to know how Jared is styling his hair these days, you’re going to want to friend him on SC. Not only does he post movie set snaps, he also likes to show his artistic skills by doodling on his posts. He is pretty good at it too.

Sofia Vergara

SC handle: TBA (Likely on the Discover Page)

Sofia, best known for her role on “Modern Family” is going to start really putting Snapchat to use. The actress is expected to have a reality show exclusive to Snapchat called “Vergaraland” later this year.

Here are some more celebrities you can find on Snapchat:

  • Shawn Mendez: shawnmendes1
  • Jennifer Lopez: jlobts
  • Schoolboy Q: hoovaq
  • Nev Schulman: nevschulman
  • Lala Anthony: thelalaanthony
  • Diplo: diplo3000
  • Waka Flocka Flame: wakaflockaveli
  • Luke Bryan: lukebyransnaps
  • Kevin Jonas: kevinjonasii
  • Blake Lively: LivelyBK
  • Usher: usher.raymond
  • Wale: waleebm
  • Chance The Rapper: chancetherapper
  • Tinashe: tinashenowbitch
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: arnoldschnitzel
  • Cody Simpson: aussiemuso
  • Machine Gun Kelly: friedpiper