Quiz! Which 1970s VINYL Persona Are You?


What do you get when you put Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, Rich Cohen and Terence Winter in a room? A straight-shot journey back to when music genres of the 1970s collided in the city that never sleeps, turning New York upside down and reinventing the record business forever.

HBO’s latest series, VINYL, tells the story of record label big-shot, Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale), on his way down Alice’s rabbit hole. As he faces losing the record empire he built from nothing, he stumbles on a sound that could change everything. With his label about to be bought out, and his staff demolished, Finestra will have to find his way back to success by picking up the pieces one-by-one.

Depending on age and interest, if asked to depict the early ’70s, your mind might run free with images of peace signs, hippie circles, and stairways to heaven—but the story of the ’70s is about much more than that. Yes, these themes played a significant role in the movement towards freedom of speech and love, but it was the takeover of disco, hip-hop and punk that cemented what this era was truly about and defined iconic music and fashion that we still love today.

With the help of VINYL’s writers, casting directors and wardrobe department, there’s no doubt viewers will find a character they can relate to in this show. Take our quiz to find out where you fall in the 1970s era of relentless music moguls.