Radiohead Announce Ninth Album And Release New Video ‘Daydreaming’


Radiohead left fans in a frenzy last week when their website and social media accounts for the band went dark. With listeners placing their bets as to whether this signaled new music coming soon or the unannounced end of the band, the question was answered on Tuesday with the surprise release of a new song and video.

“Burn The Witch” combines the cinematic and emotionally stirring build up that has made Radiohead one of the greatest bands of all time. Melding electronic beats with violins and drums, frontman Thom Yorke hauntingly warbles and wanders through notes to captivate and consume the listener. Starting off as an upbeat poppy track, “Burn The Witch” ascends into a heart-racing build that will have fans gasping for breath by the end.

Now the band has announced a new album and dropped another new video! Radiohead’s yet-to-be-titled ninth studio album is set to be released digitally on May 8 and in physical form on June 17. In addition to “Burn The Witch,” the new disc will also feature today’s single, the transcendental and trippy “Daydreaming.”

Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood has stayed busy between Radiohead album releases by scoring Paul Thomas Anderson’s films There Will Be Blood, Inherent Vice and The Master, which is likely how the band came to work with the famed director on their new music video.

“Daydreaming” features Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke walking through a series of doors that lead him to seemingly unconnected rooms until eventually ending up on a snowy mountain and finding a cave with a roaring fire. The video closes with Yorke saying something indecipherable, which frankly feels like nothing in comparison to the frustration we felt throughout most of the ’90s wishing we knew what was being said here.

Check out the beautiful “Daydreaming” below and start counting down the hours until Sunday’s album release.