Radiohead Have Erased Themselves From The Internet


Radiohead are no strangers to employing unique strategies to build hype when releasing an album, For their latest album, they have completely wiped their presence from the Internet.

After a partner with Radiohead’s managment revealed last month that the band’s ninth album would arrive in June, the band have begun the roll-out for the long-awaited project.

Radiohead’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have both been wiped completely of posts and photos, as they now have nothing but a white display picture. In addition to the band’s social media presence being erased, their website is seemingly non existent, with directing to a white page which just looks like a dead website.


In what may have been an attempt to troll their own fans, Radiohead uploaded two photos to their Facebook, both of which contain absolutely nothing, just blank space.

According to a post on Radiohead’s Reddit page, the band made their website appear at 75 per cent opacity, and it continually dropped in opacity every 10 minutes until the site was eventually just a blank page. Is it perhaps a piece of symbolism to show that Radiohead is fading, and their ninth LP might be their last? We hope not.


Leading man of Radiohead, Thom Yorke, has also followed suit and deleted his presence from social media, also opting for the “all-white” aesthetic.

It is interesting to note that the other members of Radiohead didn’t follow the trend. Colin Greenwood, Jonny Greenwood, and Philip Selway have maintained their Twitter accounts.

This Internet wipe comes after a series of U.K. fans received Radiohead postcards in the mail last week. Apparently, Radiohead is mailing out some creepy postcards to get their fans hyped for the upcoming album number nine. The postcard can be seen below and contains a faded Radiohead logo and a set of lyrics that read: “Sing the song of sixpence that goes/ Burn the witch/ We know where you live.”

Fans have speculated “Burn The Witch” to be the title of the forthcoming album, including actor Elijah Wood. The title is a reference to a track that was supposed to be on Radiohead’s 2003 album, Hail To The Thief, but has still not been released.

Radiohead continues look for unique ways to pique interest for their albums. For their 2007 album In Rainbows, the band gave their fans a “pay what you want” option, the first instance of this for a major band. In 2011, for their most recent King of Limbs album, singer Thom Yorke handed out Radiohead-branded newspapers at a U.K. record store to promote the album’s release.

With the album due out in June and a whole slew of tour dates set to kick off on May 20, the album, or at least some new material, should be on the horizon.

Let’s not forget, these guys once made a song titled “How To Disappear Completely.”