Radiohead Return With ‘Burn The Witch’

Burn The Witch

Radiohead lefts fans in a frenzy last week when their website and the social media accounts for the band all went dark. With listeners placing their bets as to whether this signaled new music coming soon or the unannounced end of the band, the question was answered today with a brand new video from Radiohead.

“Burn The Witch” combines the cinematic and emotionally stirring build up that has made Radiohead one of the greatest bands of all time. Melding electronic beats with violins and drums, frontman Thom Yorke hauntingly warbles and wanders through notes to captivate and consume the listener. Starting off as an upbeat poppy track, “Burn The Witch” ascends into a heart-racing build that will have fans gasping for breath by the end.

Starting with two Instagram videos early this morning before dropping the full clip, the music video for “Burn The Witch” is no less unsettling, with director and longtime Radiohead collaborator Chris Hopewell setting an idyllic scene of a small village using stop-motion visuals. The viewer is charmed into letting their guard down, but all is not as pleasant as it first seems in the little village, with a series of shocking discoveries leading to a truly disturbing ending. Not all cartoons are for kids and one titled “Burn The Witch” is definitely one of them.

“Burn The Witch” is rumoured to be the first single from Radiohead’s upcoming ninth studio album. The band is set to headline Lollapalooza this summer in Chicago from July 28 – 31.