Radiohead’s New Album Will Be ‘Like Nothing You’ve Ever Heard’


Radiohead’s last studio album The King Of Limbs, was released in 2011, making this five-year stretch of no new music the longest drought of the band’s nearly 25-year existence.

Thanfully, Brian Message, a partner with Radiohead’s management, gave fans some details while at an event in London regarding the band’s next record, which is set to be released in June.

Message said that the album would be “like nothing you’ve ever heard,” and described it as “something that will probably make many of us go, ‘Wow!'”.

Message continued, stating that there is nothing out there right now that sounds similar to this new project. “For some people that will be a good thing and for others that probably won’t,” he said.

Although he refrained from giving any other details regarding the title, track listing or any other specifics, Message did comment on how they plan to release the album.

Despite lead singer Thom Yorke’s vocal criticisms of streaming services for years, Message said that he hopes this new album will end up on services like Spotify.


“I’m looking forward to the day it comes out,” Message stated. “And I hope — I really hope — it does come out on streaming services. To say that’s been answered, believe me it hasn’t, but I’m praying every night that it does.”

Radiohead have an extensive world tour mapped out that includes headlining music festivals like Lollapalooza and Osheaga. Of course Radiohead could go ahead and play their already lengthy catalogue of hits and nobody would complain, but having an album full of brand new material to play would just be that much better.

The most recent track they released was their rejected Spectre theme song. Last year, Radiohead were asked to create a song for the James Bond film but Sam Smith’s song was chosen for the movie instead.

Not much is known about the upcoming untitled album, but the rumour mill is flooding with speculation. Radiohead released a tweet in regards to their upcoming tour which included an image that some are speculating could be the new album’s cover.


There are rumours of outside collaborations, which would be a first for the band, as well as hints that they may be recording this ninth album using something called binaural recording, which makes the listener feel like as if they’re in the room with the band while they play the music.

Though the wait has now been whittled down to a mere two months, we’re expecting the next 60 days to feel like a decade.

Check out the schedule for Radiohead’s upcoming tour:

05-20-21 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Heineken Music Hall
05-23-24 Paris, France – Le Zénith
05-26-28 London, England – Roundhouse
06-01 Lyon, France – Les Nuits Des Fourvieres
06-03 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound Festival
06-17 Reyjkavik, Iceland – Secret Solstice
07-02 St. Gallen, Switzerland – Openair St. Gallen
07-08 Lisbon, Portugal – Nos Alive Festival
07-26-27 New York, NY – Madison Square Garden
07-29-31 Montreal, Québec – Osheaga Music and Arts Festival
08-04 Los Angeles, LA – Shrine Auditorium
08-08 Los Angeles, LA – Shrine Auditorium
08-20 Osaka, Japan – Summersonic Festival
08-21 Tokyo, Japan – Summersonic Festival
09-11 Berlin, Germany – Lollapalooza
10-03-04 Mexico City, Mexico – Palacio de los Deportes