RALPH Debuts ‘Cold To The Touch’ Music Video

What’s cooler than being cool? Well, up-and-coming Toronto artist RALPH has the answer in her latest music video “Cold To The Touch.”

From palm trees and vintage cars to makeout sessions and the IRL dancing twin emoji, “Cold To The Touch” and its accompanying video oozes summertime vibes. Plus, RALPH resurrects the puffer coat as part of a BO$$ outfit that throws back to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G.

“Cold To The Touch” is the opening track on her self-titled EP, and it conveys the feelings of sensitivity and flirtatiousness that commonly accompany a summer fling. RALPH’s strong vocals sing, “Not looking for love / Hate to say it but it’s time you gave it up / Just trying to be honest, I’m not what you wanted.”

Similar to the likes of , Shura and Mabel, RALPH perfectly taps into what it’s like to navigate a relationship you’re just not feeling.

“I wanted the video for “Cold to the Touch” to be fun and flirty, but also wanted to nail the feelings of sensitivity within the topic,” RALPH explained in a NYLON interview, “Coasting through the urban landscape of the city, we see these amazing, unique characters who represent different connections: friends, lovers, family, self love. Focusing on beautiful moments, set against vintage cars, chain-link fences, and alley walls of the city, the video feels tender and raw at the same time—just like a relationship.”

RALPH ‘s BFF Gemma Warren, who is also the brain behind the MuchFACT-funded “Tease” video, shot the video in Los Angeles.