Ralph Defies ‘Gravity’ In New Video


Thu, July, 4 by

Get ready to be taken to outer space in Ralph’s new video “Gravity.”

The rising Toronto pop singer takes a cool spin in new video—an animation of the singer floating in the galaxy. The catch? The animated Ralph is featured in some of her iconic looks. See if you can recognize any of them. And if you’re a ‘90s child, you may notice a familiar robotic dog toy makes an appearance. It’s a colourful and fun video for a funky, dance track.

Speaking of the track, it truly does transport the listener to outer space with its beats, ‘90s-style house groove, and Ralph’s mesmerizing vocals cutting through the song. If you’re looking for your song of the summer, look no further because this is it.

This new tune is Ralph’s first official single of 2019, following the September 2018 release of her debut album, A Good Girl, which features singles “Girl Next Door” and “Tables Have Turned.”

We’re hoping the release of “Gravity” will start a wave of Ralph dropping more music as the summer continues, but since we won’t know until she does, we’re left watching her artsy videos to pass the time. Check out MTV FORA’s Set The Mood with Ralph below.