Rapper YG Has Some Unusual Advice About Telling The Truth In Relationships


YG’s first studio album My Krazy Life was a mega hit with hip-hop heads in 2014. His song with Drake, “Who Do You Love?” is a total jam. He also appeared on Fergie’s comeback track “L.A.LOVE (la la)” and performed with her at the American Music Awards.

But, YG got us curious when he posted this wisdom on Instagram last year: “The truth doesn’t cost anything but a lie could cost you everything.” So when he came through Toronto on tour with A$AP Ferg recently, we wanted to find out his best example of each.

“Sometimes you lie when you’re like messin’ with a girl or something. You lie about something because you don’t want to hurt her feelings and all that. But after that as you lie so much ya’ll go bad because she don’t trust you, you don’t trust her. Just tell the truth like, ‘Yeah I did that. I’m going to keep doing it until I feel like I don’t want to it no more,'” he said with a laugh.

YG says that that truth is something he sticks to and his crew can vouch for that. He says you can even ask them.

“Just keepin’ it real with my people. Telling my story. You feel me? It helped me a lot. It got me to where I am right now. You can ask any of the people I be around they’re going to tell you, ‘YG. He’s real. He’s a stand up guy. He gonna tell you what it is,'” YG said.

Watch more from the interview below including details about YG’s new film project, his take on the Grammy Awards and behind the scenes of his album My Krazy Life.

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