Reasons You Should Tune Into The 2016 Brit Awards, Even If You’re Not British


There’s a reason February is award season, it’s so we have an excuse to stay inside and not freeze in the dead of winter.

Coming off all of the Grammy hype, the Brit Awards are looking to be just as much fun. Airing on Feb. 24 on Much, the excitement has got us feeling all ~warm~ inside.

Let us show you why.

The Performers

The BRIT Awards 2012 - Show

Ah, yes. Everyone’s favourite part of the show! This year’s Brit Awards are STACKED with an impressive lineup.

The Brit Awards definitely don’t discriminate when it comes to their performers, considering they have three countries represented this year. Brit natives Adele, Coldplay, Little Mix, Jess Glynne and James Bay will all be performing during the show, as well as Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and Rihanna (let’s hope she doesn’t cancel this performance!)

The Red Carpet


Another great aspect of award season is getting to see what our favourite celebrities will wear to the shows. We can expect anything from ball gowns to super casual. There are no limits when it comes to the Brits.

The LOLs

Comedy always plays a pretty crucial part in any live show. Whether it’s witty banter between presenters, Madonna falling face first on stage…


…Or Ant & Dec’s failed selfie with Kim Kardashian

…you’re bound to LOL.

The Hosts


If you don’t know who Ant & Dec are, hang on tight because it’s going to be an entertaining show. If you watched the show last year, you may recognize these two because this is their second year hosting the Brits!

The dynamic duo first met on the set of children’s show Byker Grove back in 1989 (Does that mean Taylor Swift can trademark their friendship?) and quickly became friends.

In the years they’ve worked together, they’ve dabbled in everything from to comedy to hosting, to acting and pop music. So, with that in mind, can we expect an impromptu musical number on award night?! We sure hope so.

The Accents

The BRIT Awards 2014 - Show

This one is self explanatory.