Remembering Satoru Iwata: The President of Nintendo and Also Our Hearts

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When you think of your childhood what comes to mind? There’s reccess, maybe some sweet snacks, and at some point or another crushing your best friends in Mario Kart.

Maybe it wasn’t Mario Kart. Maybe you were killer at Super Smash Bros or a master at Wii sports. Whatever game you played, it meant a lot to you because you got to share it with the people you loved and for that we thank Nintendo.

Just this past weekend on July 11, the president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, sadly passed away from to cancer.

It’s never easy to let go a part of your childhood and that’s we we decided to put together some of Iwata’s best moments to celebrate his life.

When he teamed up with Mario to kick President of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils’ butt for last year’s E3.

Aaaaand then bragged about it.

There was the time Iwata, Reggie and the creator of Mario got muppet-ized, and then turned into the Star Fox crew.

When his company took a hit, Iwata he cut his salary in half while only lowering his employees by 20- 30%.


Iwata genuinely cared about his brand and his characters. He would often feature characters in promo videos whenever he could. Check out the beginning of this video for a cameo of everyone’s favourite plumber brothers.

His life was full of joy and he loved bringing joy to others through Nintendo. Whether it was a new gaming console or a video of his life as a Mii, Iwata was constantly thinking about his fans.

Rest easy, Satoru.

You will be missed.