The Best Responses To Mariah Carey’s NYE Performance


We’re only a day or so into 2017, but Mariah Carey’s now infamous New Year’s Eve performance is already one of the biggest news stories of the year.

The seasoned singer seemingly gave up mid-way through her performance of “Emotions,” “Auld Lang Syne” and “We Belong Together” during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest. Her rep Nicole Perna told Billboard that Mariah spent hours practicing the day before and was set up to fail by producers who were told that Carey’s inner ear piece wasn’t working, yet didn’t fix it.

The show’s producers have a much different version of the night’s events, saying that Carey did not rehearse, instead sending a stand-in, and that all other monitors and ear pieces were working, noting that the dancers were able to hear the music and perform.

Regardless of the truth, what we do know is that Carey started trending in the final moments of a mostly disastrous year for a disastrous performance. The show apparently must not go on, but thankfully we did finally get to say ‘see ya’ to 2016.

Carey’s performance, or half-performance, was fodder for a social media storm of responses.

Of course, there are millions of Carey’s fans who are quick to point out that one bad performance should not make or break an artists career, especially one that has decades of groundbreaking albums and concerts behind her.

Carey ended the performance saying “It just don’t get any better.” Let’s hope that’s not true.

The pop star later added her own commentary on social media, gif and all.

We think that Mariah Carey’s NYE’s performance will actually be a good thing. The last time Carey’s career was considered ‘dead,’ she returned with The Emancipation of Mini. Slay dahling.