Rihanna Gets Political In Her New ‘American Oxygen’ Video


Thu, April, 16 by

american oxygen

Someone has been chatting with Yeezus and has found her “No Church In The Wild”… ish. Rihanna has always been a candid, no holds barred artist but she has never really been that political. Now, her latest video for “American Oxygen” has changed all that thanks to some very provocative imagery.

Rihanna debuted the song during March Madness in Indiana where she doubled down on her political statement by slamming the state’s anti-gay legislation. The video was originally a Tidal exclusive but now it has landed online for non-subscribers to see.

This really is a beautiful song and an impactful video. But, there is a lot to read into here. The lyrics seems to say that Rihanna believes in the American Dream while she sings over images of Ferguson and Occupy Wall Street protests. But, the sober mood of the song reveals something a bit deeper. We are going to have to think about this one.

If anything, this is making us very curious and excited about what else we can expect from her next album. From “FourFiveSeconds” to “Bitch Better Have My Money” to “American Oxygen” this is definitely going to be an interesting ride.

Check out the video here. And if anyone has any leads as to what lip colour Rihanna is wearing, please Tweet us @Much.