Rihanna Goes Full Spring Break In New NSFW ‘Needed Me’ Video


“Just because it’s 420,” – Rihanna 2016.

Yes, that’s why Rihanna dropped her new video for “Needed Me” today. This is the third video off her album ANTI, following “Work” and “Kiss It Better”.

Just because it’s 420 #NEEDEDME #NOON #VEVO

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She began teasing the video around 3:30 a.m. on both Instagram and Twitter and announced the video would be coming at noon. RiRi then proceeded to drop five teaser images from the “Needed Me” video and two short clips. And as the pictures rolled in, it became clear Rihanna is travelling in a certain direction with these music videos. The more she releases, the less clothing she wears in them.

She rocked a relatively… tame outfit in the “clean” version of “Work”.


Then a see-through top in the not-so-clean version of “Work”.


In “Kiss It Better”, she wore what appeared to be a bed sheet or table cloth.


And now, RiRi has just decided to go sans shirt in “Needed Me”.

So as you can probably assume, the video is very NSFW. But if you’re not around anyone or your work is the chillest place ever, you can click through the image below to watch the video.


The music video is directed by Harmony Korine, famous for his movies Kids and 2012’s Spring Breakers. “Needed Me” feels very much like a possible sequel to the film. It’s got the nudity, the violence and definitely that same “I’m-not-sure-if-I-should-watch-this-around-other-people” vibe. All it’s missing is James Franco with braids and grills.

It’s a shame really that they couldn’t have found a way to incorporate one of Hollywood’s favourite stoners into this video, especially with its 4/20 release date.