Robert Downey Jr. Reveals All-Star ‘The Voyage Of Dr. Dolittle’ Cast

Robert Downey Jr. is the everyday hero we all need—and never before has that been so clearly shown as it was when he tweeted a photo of the complete cast for his upcoming movie The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle.

Tweeting out a picture linking up an amazing star-studded cast of Oscar winners, Marvel co-stars and one very well-known pop star, Downey has piqued the interest of not only those familiar with the original Dr. Dolittle movies, but anyone who has ever seen these stars in action. We’re shook at how high-calibre this remake’s cast is going to be.

Although this cast may be strange to see together, the choice for the voicing cast is not as surprising as you may think. Virtually every one of these announced cast members have lent their voices to an animated project in the past. Selena Gomez has voiced Mavis in all of the Hotel Transylvania films, Emma Thompson voiced Captain Amelia in one of Disney’s most underrated films, Treasure Planet, and even Rami Malek lent his voice to the horror video game Until Dawn as the character Joshua.

Surprisingly, Tom Holland is quite possibly the least experienced voice actor of the crew, as his only voicing credits are still in pre-production. Even John Cena has more experience than our beloved Avenger thanks to his headlining role in animated film Ferdinand. 

Downey will star as the human physician who can speak to animals while the rest of the announced cast will be co-starring as a wide variety of animals including a giraffe named Betsy (Gomez), a polar bear named Yoshi (Cena), a parrot named Polynesia (Thompson), and an ostrich named Plimpton (The Big Sick‘s Kumail Nanjiani). We’re only left wondering what exactly the plot will centre on in this adaptation.

The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle is slated to hit theatres on April 12, 2019 so mark your calendars and prepare to get wild.