Robyn Gives The Fans What They Want With ‘Honey’ Video

Honey Robyn

Fans have been waiting eight years for pop singer Robyn to follow up her genre-defining triple album Body Talk, with the singer’s painful absence from the charts finally coming to an end this fall. Not only do we have a new Robyn album and tour announcement, we now have a new music video. All hail Queen Robyn.

Debuting during the final season of HBO’s Girls in 2017, Robyn’s “Honey” finally received the music video treatment this week. Following the lead single “Missing U,” “Honey” is the title track from Robyn’s eighth studio album, which dropped on October 26.

Playing straight to her audience, Robyn crafted a video that is equal parts seductive and cathartic, with Robyn dancing in the middle of a room full of fans who answered a September casting call looking for “modern, diverse, interesting, and liberated couples.”

Working with director Max Vitali, who created Robyn’s iconic “Call Your Girlfriend” video, “Honey” opens with close-ups before panning out to reveal a room full of people dancing freely to the booming pop track. Few artists can craft songs about both love and heartache that will also make listeners want to dance. As usual, Robyn delivers.

Robyn also performed her new single during a stop at the BBC’s Radio 1 Live Lounge this week, giving a slightly understated makeover to the track by shifting gears and focusing on a slow burning build that has become a trademark of the Swedish singer’s style.

Getting in the festive spirit, Robyn also covered the classic Wham! track “Last Christmas,” turning the upbeat pop song into a quiet, heartbreaking ballad. No one can make us happy to be sad like Robyn can. Looks like we’re going to be listening to this cover all year long.