Robyn Returns With ‘Missing U’ In New Short Film

There are many ways to show your fandom for an artist, from a dedicated Twitter feed to making personalized signs to hold up during a concert. For Robyn fan Russ Marshalek, he’s been showing his love of Robyn for years by throwing “This Music Is Killing Me” dance parties in Brooklyn, which include a night of Robyn-only dance music. Marshalek’s parties have become hugely popular, but Robyn herself has yet to appear at one of the dance nights. That is, until now.

It’s been one year since Robyn release the single “Honey” for the Girls soundtrack, but the Swedish singer is finally returning with her first solo album since 2010’s Body Talk. The singer/songwriter has already promised that a new record is arriving this year. Staying true to her word, or in this case, her tweet, Robyn is inching her way closer to dropping her first lead single on Monday, starting with a short film dedicated to her fans.

In the new video “Missing U,” Marshalek talks about the history of his This Party Is Killing You parties, which are held at the Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg. Hoping to convince Robyn to make an appearance at the latest party, Marshalek and his friends compiled voicemails from Robyn’s fans telling the singer how much they love her. Marshalek managed to get the recordings to Robyn, who can be seen watching them in the new video.

“I haven’t made an album in eight years so I haven’t seen my fans for a long time either,” says Robyn. “I felt like I really had to do some exploration and figure out what I wanted to write about again. I learned new things by myself.”

Speaking about the new single, which is set to drop on streaming services on Tuesday, Robyn says “’Missing U’ is about the trippy thing that happens when people disappear. It’s like they become even more clear, like you see them everywhere. And also maybe a little bit of a message to my fans. I’ve missed them.”

“Missing U” can be heard throughout the new short film and no surprise, it’s a banger. Not missing a step during her time away from the studio, Robyn’s latest single is another addition to her discography of tracks that give listeners a dance song that lets them exercise and exorcise out the demons of bad breakups, broken hearts, and anything difficult life has thrown at them. It’s been a while, but as always, Robyn was worth the wait.

Check out the video below and good luck not crying when Robyn finally shows up at her own party.