Robyn Throws A Dreamy Sleepover In ‘Love Is Free’ Video

Robyn Slumber Main

Swedish singer Robyn has been big on the collaborations recently, releasing the albums Do It Again with Röyksopp in 2014 and Love Is Free with La Bagatelle Magique this past August. While we’re still eagerly awaiting Robyn’s next solo album, a follow up to 2010’s commercial and critical darling Body Talk, any Robyn is good with us.

The title track from the new EP Love Is Free features American singer Maluca, who stars in the disjointed video alongside Robyn. The two women enjoy a slumber party before the camera pulls back to reveal they’re on a sound stage. The singers then run from set to set, while a bumble bee follows them through the various scenes.

The video inside a video eventually ends with Robyn and Maluca opening a door to the parking lot and making their way back into reality. It’s a seemingly nonsensical dream of a music video, but we’ll take any trip that gives us new music from Robyn.