Royal Canoe Raising Funds After Instruments Stolen


Winnipeg band Royal Canoe hit a major roadbloack in their tour last week when their locked trailer full of musical instruments and gear was stolen. The band had parked their secured trailer in a well-lit parking lot in Montreal, but unfortunately lost every piece of musical equipment they own when the trailer was stolen on October 24th.

While the band has made every effort to continue their tour by borrowing instruments from other bands, they’re turning to fans in hopes of a more permanent solution. Launching a crowfunding campaign, Royal Canoe is looking for monetary donations that will make it possible to replace their instruments and continue touring and earning their livelihood as musicians.

The decision to crowdfund was not one taken lightly, with the band posting, “So now it is with a lot of thought and hesitation that we turn to crowdfunding to recover some of what we lost. We spent the last ten years slowly acquiring the instruments and equipment that was stolen, and we’ve tried to think of an alternative option, but we find ourselves in a place where we can’t afford to continue moving forward in the long term without some help.”

The JUNO-nominated pop rockers went on to say, “We are hesitant because as people of privilege, we get to tour around the country playing music, and are so lucky to have all the support we do from our country and fans. Unfortunately, we’ve done the calculations every way we can, and to continue doing what we do we need to raise some funds.”

Royal Canoe are hoping to raise $26,000, though they estimate the instruments, gear, merch, CDs, personal items, and barely-used trailer that were stolen add up to closer to $90,000 in lost goods. The band explains on their IndieGogo page that while some items were insured, not everything fell under their policy. “Earlier this year, when we renewed our insurance policy we made sure all the gear we owned was on it. But, since renewing the policy, we purchased a number of items to improve our show for this tour that were not included. Our merchandise was also not insured. The amount of uninsured losses exceeds the amount we are asking for here. This amount reflects what we see as the essential items.”

You can click here to donate to Royal Canoe’s efforts to replace their instruments. All donators will receive Royal Canoe’s EP Agassiz, which includes two b-sides recorded for their latest albums.