Run The Jewels Talk About Their Giving Spirit (And Love Of Cats)


Fri, August, 14 by


Between releasing their first two LPs as free digital downloads and making fans’ dreams come true by remixing their second album, Run the Jewels 2, using only cat sounds (it’s called Meow the Jewels, how effin’ amazing is that), El-P and Killer Mike are very much into the idea of giving back to people.

In a recent interview with the two rappers behind Run the Jewels at Osheaga, Gaby Henderson got to get to the core of this giving spirit of theirs. “When it gets to releasing a record, the record company wants to pick the perfect Tuesday,” Killer Mike explains. “The publishing company or the publicist wants to have the perfect magazine set-up and we were just, like, why don’t we just get it to the fans and get on the road.

“We’re not saying it works for everybody but it’s worked for us.” El-P adds: “We didn’t want to compete for sales, we wanted to compete for the hearts and minds of music fans.”

El-P also explained that Meow the Jewels started off as a joke, but when fans created a Kickstarter for the project, they decided to go ahead with it and donate the proceeds entirely to charity. Watch the interview below to see more from El-P and Killer Mike.