Ryan Reynolds: Mastering Deadpool One Comic Book Panel At A Time

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When it comes to superheros, we’re all suckers for the traditional Superman storylines. The saving of the damsels, the incorruptible moral compass, the unspeakably cliché one-liners; oh yeah, we all eat that crap up, no questions asked. But you know what the world loves even more than the classic good boy heroes? The anti-hero, and come February 2016 that’s exactly what we’re gonna get. Annnnd, cue the drum roll!

That’s right, folks. The wise cracking, fourth-wall-breaking, and let’s not forget, ass-kicking Deadpool is hitting the big screen, and he’s gonna be played by Canadian dream boat Ryan Reynolds. So how’s goodie-two-shoes Superman looking now?

At this point, you may be wondering, why Ryan Reynolds? How come he’s the lucky dog that gets to play one of Marvel’s all time coolest characters. After all, we’ve certainly seen his fair share of not-so-great superhero attempts which shall not named…*ahem* Green Latern. Trust us, we hear you loud and clear, but we’ve done our fair share of research and we can honestly say that we have some strong faith in Reynolds playing Deadpool. Why? Well to put it simply; he just gets him.

No really, like, he’s essentially mimicking his every move. Don’t believe us? Well, it just so happens we wrote a whole blog about it to prove you wrong. So check it out and read ’em and weep!

First of all, there was the time he nailed both Deadpool’s facial expression and love for Chimichangas in one swift tweet.


Ryan Reynolds

When he mastered his love for the uhh…female anatomy. Even down to the thumbs up and cheeky smile — VERY authentic, Mr. Reynolds!



His trailer teaser broke the internet on Tuesday and also the fourth wall, and nothing is more Deadpool than tearing that puppy down. PLUS, major kudos for the matching chair, that thing looks hella comfy.



He also went by the Deadpool preferred method of transportation at SDCC, with a KILLER poncho and sombrero, may we add.


And, of course, there was the time Ryan was in a two-minute video that captured Deadpool in a nutshell. In other words, he trolled a bunch of dudes and then wooped their asses. After all, nothing says hero like making poop jokes at bad guys.



He’s also got his origin story down pat, ask anyone!


Just not Deadpool because he’ll lie and tell you this instead.

BONUS: Even Deadpool himself thinks Ryan Reynolds is a good fit. C’mon, are you really gonna argue with a self-healing guy wielding two machetes?!

Okay now that you got all that, we DARE you to watch the new Deadpool red band trailer without getting super mega ultra hyped.

*DISCRETION ALERT: This video is for viewers 18 and up. Sorry kids, you may wanna sit this one out*