Ryan Tedder Jokes That He Would Be A Better MMVA Host Than Ed Sheeran


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OneRepublic have become the band you can rely on to come out with a contender for song of the summer every year. They are the epitome of hitmakers. So when we just happened to be in Barbados at the exact same time (jk) we couldn’t help but notice that this beachy, bellini-ed atmosphere was the perfect location for a chat with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and Zach Filkins.

OneRepublic will be opening up for Ed Sheeran at Wembly Stadium in the UK this July and have developed a close relationship. Although they thinkEd is going to crush his Much Music Video Awards hosting duties, he had some…um… backhanded(?) advice for Ed.

“Ed, when you get up there, when you’re hosting don’t think about anything other than the fact that in all likely hood if I was hosting I’d be funnier, slightly more intelligent and a little more astute in delivery,” Ryan Tedder said, poking fun. “But don’t think about that when you’re up there. Focus on the job at hand because you have a job to do. So don’t think about me because I’m not going to be thinking about you. But do a good job. Mazel tov!”

Although Ryan was clearly being a little devil, there are a lot of things Ed could actually learn from OneRepublic, including the secret to longevity. The band has been together for ten years, are still turning out hits and above all, getting along.

“The secret is definitely don’t go off the deep end in anything, like drugs alcohol, women. Like moderation is…and I don’t mean moderate your drugs use. I think the bands that break up are the ones there’s a lot of in fighting there’s a lot of extreme personalities. We don’t have very extreme personalities,” Ryan said. “We love what we do. We love great music. We don’t want another job. That’s it.”

Check out the rest of the interview below to find out how they hooked up with Ed Sheeran and what inspires them when they write all over the world.

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