Ryn Weaver Fights The Stigma Around The Phrase “Pop Star”


Tue, July, 14 by


Ryn Weaver wants to tackle the stigma around the phrase “pop star”. The California-based singer/songwriter, who blew up late last year with her single Octohate, doesn’t have anything against pop music (“Pop means popular, so there’s nothing wrong with that,”), but this is undoubtedly a certain connotation to calling someone, especially a female, a “pop artist”.

“People think that if you’re a pop star or you’re a female pop artist, it’s like you don’t know how to write music,” Weaver tells Liz in a recent interview. “You are a pretty little face.”

Furthermore, female artists are frequently slut-shamed in pop culture if they embrace their sexuality, something Weaver calls the “Madonna whore complex” but she strongly stands by her image, her opinions and, most importantly, her sexuality. “The second that you own your sexuality, people start to point fingers,” Weaver points out. “I’m all about owning my own sexuality.”

Check out the interview below to watch Weaver discuss her EP, Promises, working with Charli XCX and how she met superstar producer Benny Blanco. Ryn Weaver’s EP Promises and her full-length The Fool are both available now.