Sam Smith And Normani Show The Future of Sexy Tinder In ‘Dancing With A Stranger’

Nromani, Sam Smith

Sam Smith and Normani have released one of the sexiest songs of the year with the duet “Dancing With A Stranger,” so naturally the pair need a music video to match. Debuting on Monday on Apple Music, the two singers are giving us a glimpse at the future of online dating, which combines Tinder and holograms. Swipe right.

Combining elements of pop and R&B, Smith and Normani give fans a song with a groove, with the duo singing about being pushed into the arms of a stranger in order to deal with their feelings of loss over the end of a relationship. And holy hell, it’s sexy. The new video features the pair in a modern and minimalist house, with Smith brooding his way around the pool and a sofa while Normani poses and displays her dance skills. The two are surrounded by potential strangers to match with on a dating app, while still consumed by thoughts of their exes.

The singers teamed up for the song thanks to their mutual admiration for each other’s work. Smith is a longtime Harmonizer, with the English singer even getting a surprise visit from Fifth Harmony during his episode of Carpool Karaoke.

“Dancing With A Stranger” is Normani’s second huge duet since Fifth Harmony announced their hiatus last year. She previously released “Love Lies” with Khalid for the Love, Simon soundtrack, with the song peaking at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. Speaking with Beats 1 on Apple Music host Zane Lowe, Smith revealed that it was Normani’s collaboration with Khalid and her performance at the 2018 Billboard Awards that pushed him to reach out to the now-solo singer when the pair were working in the same recording studio.

“When I saw her do that on the Billboard Awards, I was like ‘Wow! She’s a triple threat.’ She’s special and you can tell that she works really hard. So, when she came in the studio, she just jumped on the song there and then with me in the room. She just sang it and it was perfect.”

In the interview out today, Smith also revealed that the recording of his Calvin Harris duet “Promises” had a Canadian connection, with Brampton native Jessie Reyez helping to write the dance track.

“We had one day and it was in Calvin’s studio, and we wrote a song that was sad. It was about my relationship that I was in. I was currently in it, and it was like a love song. It was good.” said Smith. “We poured a little whisky and he had this disco beat and he just started playing it, and then me and Jessie and Calvin just started dancing.”

“I was like, ‘This isn’t going to be for me, I don’t know who it’s for.’ Suddenly, Jessie just comes with the lyric, ‘Are you drunk enough.’ And then that just spin-balled the whole song. The actual chorus line, the melody line in the chorus is jazz. Calvin, when he writes is just unbelievable,” said Smith. “Me and Jessie were writing, getting ahead of ourselves and then he just comes in and he’s like, ‘No. Less, less, less, take this out, take that out, take that out.'”