Sam Smith Dances His Way Out Of Love In ‘One Last Song’ Video

If we’re being totally honest, the first two singles from Sam Smith’s highly anticipated sophomore album The Thrill Of It All have been in a word, downers. “Too Good At Goodbyes” and “Pray” are beautiful, soaring, stunning ballads, but downers nonetheless. With Smith’s third single “One Last Song,” the subject matter is still pretty bleak, but at least now we have something to listen to as we dance away the pain of heartbreak.

In “One Last Song,” Smith sings his final goodbye to his former lover, promising this will be the last song he pens in his honour.

The new music video, which just dropped today, reflects the lighter mood of the song, a signal that Smith has reached the ‘acceptance’ phase of his heartbreak. Shot almost in one take, Smith starts off on stage surrounded by ballerinas and then makes his way through the backstage of the theatre, into the lobby and finally on the rooftop where he’s greeted with a soaring view of London. You know it’s a beautiful city when it still looks gorgeous through the rain and fog.

Posting about the video on his Instagram, Smith wrote, “I am so excited to reveal the music video for my second single ‘One Last Song’. This track is my final love song directed to an old love of mine. I love singing this and I had so much fun making the video. After a 25 hour shoot, I truly believe we created something beautiful x.”

So, we can pretty much assume that “Too Good At Goodbyes” and “One Last Song” were written about the same love. It’s interesting to note that this kind of admission by Smith is treated with barely a blink, whereas Taylor Swift would be massacred for daring to write about her love life. Something to think about while we cry-dance to “One Last Song.”