Sandra Bullock Quotes Hip Hop And Serves Ice Cream With Fake Arms

Sandy's Scoops Main

We don’t like to play favourites, but in our mind, Sandra Bullock can do no wrong. From making us cry in The Blind Side to making us laugh in The Heat, we’re always ready to watch whatever film Ms. Congeniality releases next.

What we didn’t know what that Bullock was once the star of a Canadian series that also featured Jimmy Fallon. So that’s Sandra Bullock, Jimmy Fallon, and no arms.

Reprising one of our favourite Tonight Show bits this week, Jimmy Fallon and Sandra Bullock enjoyed some ice cream from ‘Sandy’s Scoops’ courtesy of mannequin arms. The critically acclaimed actress impressed us both with her ability to not break character and to make some well-placed hip hop references. Who’s cooler than Sandy?

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