Scott Helman Releases New Single ’21 Days’


After over a two year hiatus, Toronto’s own Scott Helman has released new music—sort of.

The Juno-nominated artist dropped his new single “21 Days” along with an accompanying music video on Friday. While “21 Days” wasn’t featured on Helman’s first (and so far only) record Augusta, Helman admitted that the new tune is one that “some of you may know already” when he announced its release on Twitter.

It’s true—videos of Helman performing the song live have been posted as far back as July 2015. However, this is the first time “21 Days” has been recorded and released as an official single, which you can now access on Spotify.

The new song is simultaneously heartfelt and quirky, as Helman sings about a relationship that he wants to pursue despite “zombies and monsters” getting in the way. The “21 Days” music video definitely reflects that same quirkiness, as clips of Helman performing and hanging out with his bandmates are intercut with shots of Helman painting a picture—specifically, the picture that ends up becoming the song’s cover art.

Helman built anticipation about the release of the single by giving somewhat cryptic clues to his dedicated fans on Twitter, where he posted a mysterious message all the way back in December. Helman also released a 30 second teaser video a day before the song dropped, in which the first few lyrics of “21 Days” are written out on screen, chalkboard-style.

No word on an official follow-up to Augusta yet, but it’s been way too long, so more should be coming soon, right?

Watch the “21 Days” music video below.