Season Two Of Review Promises More Sex, Injuries And Even Some Jail Time


Thu, July, 9 by


The first season of Review almost destroyed Forest MacNeil. Tasked to review anything and everything people submit to his show, Forest tackled addiction, pancakes and racism, each time following through with the review no matter how tough it would get and eventually coming up with a definitive ranking of these things. As a result, it has ruined his marriage, hurt many of those around him (actually killing one person), and is even affecting his work, as we saw him quit in the season finale.

We don’t know why, but Forest has decided to return and review more things in season two, which returns on Thursday, July 30 on Much. A new trailer was released today and as you can see for yourself below, Forest is back at work and tackling some new reviews. From the looks of the video, he’s getting tanned, having sex and is even carrying around a magic eight ball in one particular review where he has to consult the ball for everything he does (this ends up looking a little awkward in public). Oh, and it appears he even lands in jail at one point. Whether that was the actual review or he just ended up there as a result of doing a review is just something we’re gonna have to tune in to find out!

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