Selena Gomez Gets Support From Amy Schumer On Body Positive Post

Selena Gomez, Amy Schumer

Selena Gomez is currently on vacation in Australia, but that isn’t stopping the pop star and actor from using her social media platform to speak out for body positivity.

Uploading a video on her Instagram account today, Selena and friends lounge on a yacht while listening to Toronto band Alvvays and their soothing track “Dreams Tonite.” Posing in a bikini that shows the scars from her recent life-saving kidney transplant, Gomez posted the video with a caption that focuses on body positivity.

“The beauty myth – an obsession with physical perfection that traps modern woman in an endless cycle of hopelessness, self consciousness, and self-hatred as she tries to fulfill society’s impossible definition of flawless beauty,” writes Gomez, who takes the definition from Naomi Wolf’s 1990 novel The Beauty Myth. “I chose to take care of myself because I want to, not to prove anything to anyone. Wind in her sails.”

The post has already found a fan and supporter in comedian and actor Amy Schumer, who reposted Gomez’s initial video along with praise for both Gomez and her message. Bringing the focus to her upcoming movie I Feel Pretty, Schumer writes that her new flick has the same message as Gomez’s post, with both projects having the intent to break down the narrow view of what constitutes beauty in mainstream society.

“Our movie is about how we all struggle with self esteem. It’s not a tale of a homely fat women finding her worth. It’s about a person who struggles with feeling invisible and not good enough,” writes Schumer. “I am inspired by Selena and my friends and women everyday daring to just feel good. No striving for another version of yourself. Let’s love ourselves today. Just how we are.”

I Feel Pretty has already come under fire for perpetuating a message that only thin, white, rich women are considered beautiful, but according to Schumer’s co-star Aidy Bryant, that’s not the case. Writing on her own Instagram account, the SNL star responded to criticism of the film by asking people to hold their judgment until screening. “I hear what you’re saying. I encourage you to see the film. I think you’ll find that’s not the case. I’m very proud to be in a movie tells the story of someone who believes confidence is directly tied to looks but learns that confidence comes from within. It’s a movie I wish I could have seen when I was 14,” writes Bryant.

“Through my short time in this industry I have been sent all kinds of demeaning scripts where my body is the punchline,” Bryant continued. “I choose my projects carefully with exactly these things in mind. Change cannot happen over night and this movie is a step in the right direction.”