Selena Gomez Just Did A Spot-On Taylor Swift Impression


Tue, June, 23 by


When you’re BFFs with someone, you become very familiar with their personality and mannerisms. In fact, you can probably pull off a pretty good impression of that person. Well Selena Gomez was put to the test recently when a fan asked her to do her best impersonation of her pal, Taylor Swift, and she did not disappoint.

Although Selena doesn’t actually sing or speak in her quick impression, she does act out Taylor’s signature concert moves including the epic hair flip and the always important finger point. To most people, it may not look like much, but fans of Taylor will be able to tell that it’s her immediately. Spot on, Selena.

The clip below also finds Selena talking about possible collabs with Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande (not happening anytime soon, sorry), doing an imitation of Shakira’s accent and, most impressively, spitting her gum in the air and catching it in her mouth — apparently, that’s a hidden talent of hers!