Selena Gomez’s ‘Good For You’ Isn’t Good For A Single And That’s A Good Thing

Selena Gomez Good For You Main

Selenators have been eagerly awaiting the release of singer and actress Selena Gomez’s second solo album, a follow up to Stars Dance, Gomez’s first disc without her band The Scene.

The 2013 album spawned a huge hit with Come And Get It, complete with a sexy video that led the way for exciting, but less successful singles Slow Down and Birthday.

After the dust settled on the hype around Come And Get It, Gomez’s personal life again became the focus of all discussions surrounding the pop star. Is she back with Justin Bieber? What’s her friendship status with Taylor Swift? How long was her relationship with EDM artist Zedd?

After Stars Dance had fallen off the charts, Gomez’s poor showing at the box office with films like Getaway and Behaving Badly did little to avert attention away from the seemingly never-ending interest in her life off set and away from the recording studio.

Gomez has been quickly going the way of Jennifer Aniston as a woman in Hollywood that is constantly being defined by her high-profile relationships and later break ups. Unlike Aniston, Gomez has spoken openly about her split from Justin Bieber, even admitting that her 2014 track The Heart Wants What It Wants was about their rocky relationship. Coincidentally, Gomez has been spending a lot of time with Aniston recently. Here’s hoping the Friends star can shed some light on how to deal with questions about your ex for the next twenty years.

Gomez appears to be in a good place in 2015, with a new album on the horizon and new music arriving this week with the release of her ‘stripped down’ version of Good For You. The song goes much deeper into a Lana Del Rey vibe than when Gomez’s bestie Swift tried it on for her track Wildest Dreams and it really works.

The new song has a narrow vocal range that plays well to Gomez’s strengths on the mic, an area that she recently spoke about trying to sing within. The moody atmosphere of the song never culminates in a burst of energy, instead maintaining the same sultry and subdued vibe throughout.

As for the video, we found ourselves constantly Alt-Tabbing between the Good For You and Gomez’s Wikipedia page to double, triple and quardruple check that she was less than one month away from her 23rd birthday, a fact that her face does not support. There’s definitely an unsettling feeling while watching the baby faced starlet in clothing and positions that look like they’re being copied from an older sister.

The dreamy track is Gomez’s first single in a long time, but it definitely doesn’t have the markings of a radio hit. It’s a 180 from Gomez’s high-energy tracks Come And Get It and Love You Like A Love Song and doesn’t sound like something that would make the rotation of a Top 40 station, but in the case of Gomez, this is actually a good thing.

The new song shows growth for Gomez in a number of ways. It’s not overtly about her relationship with ex Justin Bieber, unlike 2014’s The Heart Wants What It Wants. It’s something that she can easily pull off in a live setting, whether it’s an intimate venue or the stage of an awards show. It shows a distinctive new direction in sound away from her Disney days with The Scene. It’s indicative of the singer taking time on the new album, rather than rushing to release a carbon copy of her last pop-filled disc. Above all, it’s a song that will compliment a well-rounded album.

Gomez’s Good For You isn’t a single, but it’s a huge step in the right direction and has us excited for more music to come.