Seth Rogen And Justin Bieber Come Face To Face Following Their Beef

Biebs and Rogen Main

Before he was preparing to release his fourth studio album Purpose and literally singing the word Sorry on the radio, Justin Bieber was going through a rough patch. He was racing expensive cars, peeing in buckets, and egging houses. It was not role model behaviour and both Beliebers and casual fans were upset.

Seth Rogen even called him ‘shit’.

Maybe it wasn’t a nice thing to say, but Bieber himself has admitted that he spent a few years out of control and deeply regrets his actions. Rogen tweeted the diss after Bieber was arrested in January 2014 and talked about the pop singer again later that year when appearing on the Howard Stern show, saying that after meeting Justin, he still wasn’t impressed.

Earlier this year, Justin tweeted Rogen, asking him to be a part of Bieber’s famous Comedy Central Roast. Rogen declined, seeming to still not be interested in anything to do with the Biebs, because not everyone has to like everyone.

Now thanks to Ellen DeGeneres putting Rogen on the spot by inviting him on her show during ‘Bieber Week’, the two have made up. Actually, Rogen apologized profusely and said that he was wrong.

While we like to see two successful and famous Canadians getting along, the beef squashing leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Maybe Rogen shouldn’t have tweeted about Justin, but can anyone really disagree that Bieber’s behaviour was, well, shitty-like?

Rather than help show how far Justin has come, the interaction has really just reminded us of how exhausting it was to defend our beloved Biebs for two years. The moral of the story? If you’re super famous and do really stupid stuff repeatedly in public, eventually your idol will apologize to YOU for your mistakes.