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The Most Shade-Filled Moments From The 2017 MTV VMAs

When it comes to epic performances and huge awards, the MTV VMAs never disappoint. The A-list event went down Sunday night at The Forum in Los Angeles and was jam packed with the biggest names in music who were all there to put on an incredible show and cross their fingers in hopes of winning a Moon Person.

Many winners and presenters used their camera time to deliver messages of hope and inspiration, but that doesn’t mean the often-controversial award show was free from shade. It’s good to have balance.

Click here to watch the 2017 MTV VMAs on MTV Canada and grab a sweater. It’s about to get chilly.

Remy Ma Vs. Nicki Minaj

Before Sunday night’s show even got started, the temperature began cooling down as the shade began rising. Rapper Remy Ma used Nicki Minaj’s line directed at Miley Cyrus from the 2015 VMAs towards Minaj, asking her feuding partner ‘What’s good?’ Nicki responded later in the show when she closed out the MTV VMA’s along with Katy Perry and their new single “Swish Swish.”

 Jack Antonoff Vs. A Banana

Following two incredible show-opening performances from Kendrick Lamar and Ed Sheeran along with Lil Uzi, Katy Perry arrived on stage after an extended trip from space to deliver her monologue. Maybe he was just hungry after performing during the red carpet or maybe eating a banana during Perry’s speech was away for Jack Antonoff to show his allegiance to Team Taylor, but either way it gave us this beautiful GIF-able moment.

Katy Perry Vs. Justin Bieber

Throughout much of the show, Perry kept up the shtick she had spent the last year on Mars. It’s too bad she couldn’t have spent her time away writing better jokes. Months after his nightclub flub over the tongue-twisting lyrics of “Despacito,” Perry took aim Justin Bieber, calling him a baby. Considering how adamant Perry is about karma in her latest single “Swish Swish,” the countdown clock has started for the popstar forgetting her own lyrics in concert.

Katy Perry Vs. Fyre Festival

Someone is still talking about the disastrous Fyre Festival and that someone is Katy Perry. Remember when Perry performed at One Love Manchester and delivered an inspiring and hopeful speech? Why couldn’t we have heard more of that last night?

Katy Perry Vs. Taylor Swift

At an event hosted by Perry and featuring a music video premiere by Taylor Swift, it was inevitable that some bad blood would be exchanged. While referencing her Witness track “Save As Draft,” Perry said that there are many people who should save their tweets as drafts and rethink sending them. We’re just gonna go ahead and assume that shot was meant for Swift.

Taylor Swift Vs. Everyone

From Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to just about everyone who has ever said anything negative about Swift, the country-turned-pop star took aim in her new video “Look What You Made Me Do.” The symbolism was clear in the Easter egg filled music video—Swift is online and angry.

Paris Jackson Vs. Hate

The King of Pop’s daughter made her dad proud during her presenting duties at Sunday’s MTV VMAs. Not mincing her words, Jackson called for an end to violence and terror in the U.S., namely that brought on by the recent demonstration of Nazis in Charlottesville.

Ed Sheeran Vs. The MTV VMAs

We have no doubt that Ed Sheeran was really excited to win Artist of the Year, but it does feel like a bit of a slap in MTV’s face for the singer to not even know who voted for the award. Sheeran later posted on Instagram that he didn’t expect to win, hence the delivering of his ‘worst acceptance speech,’ but maybe check Wikipedia before accepting a Moon Person for the biggest category of the year next time. Also, just us or did he say MMVA?

Kesha Vs. The Floor

At some point during the MTV VMAs, a mix-up occurred that resulted in Kween Kesha being seated on the floor of L.A.’s The Forum and not on her throne where she belongs.

the vmas lost our seats so …..

A post shared by Kesha (@iiswhoiis) on

Tiffany Haddish Vs. Her Exes

As the breakout star of this year’s huge summer comedy Girls Trip, comedian Tiffany Haddish has quickly become a household name. Presenting for the first time at this year’s MTV VMAs, Haddish delivered words of encouragement for foster children like herself. She also took a moment to give all her exes who said she’d never be famous a shout-out. She ready.

Lorde Vs. The Flu

Tweeting that she was so sick she required an IV bag just to make it to the show, Lorde maintained her rock star status by performing full choreography for “Homemade Dynamite” even though she was too sick to sing. We are not worthy.

Fifth Harmony Vs. Camila Cabello

There was no arguing that Fifth Harmony didn’t intentionally shade former member Camila Cabello during last night’s medley performance of “Angel” and “Down.” The group emerged on a raised stage with five members, only to have the fifth member fly backwards off the stage before the performance began. That’s as cold as tweeting you’re leaving a hugely successful girl group without telling the other members first…but we’ll never really know, will we?