Watch The Premiere Of Shawn Hook’s Sexy New Video ‘Relapse’

Relapse Much

Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Hook has consistently released smart pop songs throughout his 10+ year career, and his latest single Relapse is no different. With love, or more accurately lust, as his drug of choice, Hook sings about being in deep with the addiction to his current relationship.

Bringing the sexy back in his new video, Hook’s main vice is an attractive brunette in a black tank top and Daisy Duke shorts. Giving the video a Groundhog Day feel, Hook replays the same scenario of giving in to his demons, or more appropriately demon, and jumping into bed with who we assume is his ex-girlfriend. Each time things start to get hot and heavy, Hook remembers his current relationship status, which we see by his phone is a young blonde, and bolts from the hotel room to find his band piano set up in the parking lot.

After finding some success in Canada with his albums Both Sides and Cosmonaut and the Girl, Hook is looking to break into the US music scene. He recently signed with Hollywood Records, the same label that represents Demi Lovato. We would love to hear a duet from these two label mates in the future!

Check out Shawn Hook’s music video for Relapse below!