Shawn Mendes Announces New Album Coming ‘Soon’ And Fans Are Shook

Shawn Mendes

It’s been two years since Shawn Mendes released his hugely successful second album Illuminate and while the singer has stayed busy touring the world, in Mendes Army time, two years is a long stretch of months to go without new music.

Thankfully, Mendes has now promised that new music is coming ‘soon.’ Of course, what ‘soon’ means is entirely up for debate.

Mendes has been posting pics from what looked like a relaxing vacation in Jamaica, but now appears to be an on-location recording session. Uploading images to his Instagram account, Mendes tagged singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger in one pic, signalling that the two are possibly writing new music together. An even bigger clue? Mendes’ latest post promises new music, it just doesn’t promise proper grammar use.

album soon come

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Sitting shirtless on a swing with a stunning water backdrop, Mendes captioned his latest photo “album soon come.” Aside from wondering where the ‘ing’ is after the word come, the next logical question is ‘how soon is soon?’ It’s a question that has now erupted among Mendes’ fans on Twitter.

The new announcement has understandably put the Mendes army into a tailspin.

The word ‘soon’ has now become a huge topic of debate.

So, like, can we get a snack or nah?

People are not playing.

The Smiths wrote a song about this very issue.

Maybe ‘soon’ means five weeks? The conspiracy theories have already begun.

Everyone has been waiting for Mendes’ third album, including the big guy.

Some are very concerned they weren’t personally notified about the new record.

What we do know for sure that Mendes has a) been working on his album and b) been working on his fitness.

Shawn Mendes is nominated for two JUNO Awards this year, including JUNO Fan Choice and Single of the Year for “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back.”