All The GIF-able Moments From The ‘Señorita’ Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Just last week Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello dropped their (very) steamy new collab “Señorita,” but they have now blessed us with not one, but two behind-the-scenes videos from their music video shoot.

The videos have A LOT of quality footage of the two acting, joking around, dancing, and a shirtless Shawn Mendes. In the second video, we see Cabello watching the playback of a scene and saying “I just want GIFs,” so naturally, we’ve decided to honour her wishes. Here is a list of all the GIF-worthy moments from the behind-the-scenes videos.


When They Had Perfect Chemistry

Raise your hand if you wish you were Camila in this moment.


When Shawn Became A Runway Model

Strut your stuff, Mendes.


When Shawn Dropped Camila

Safe to say this was a meme-worthy moment.


When Shawn Took Off His Shirt

*Cue the fangirling*


When Camila Purred Into A Hot Sauce Bottle

If only we all looked that good whilst doing so.


When We Found Out The Motorcycle Scene Was Done In Front Of A Green Screen

Now that we know there’s a green screen, we can actually tell the background is fake.


When Camila Did A Sly Slip Under Shawn’s Arm

Let’s all incorporate that move into our lives.


When They Shared A Sweet Hug

This only confirms that they are true besties.


So to summarize, we are screaming and it seems like Mendes and Cabello are too.