Shawn Mendes Is A Bad Boyfriend According To Shawn Mendes


Shawn Mendes is a bad boyfriend.

Now, before members of the Shawn Mendes Army start sending us death threats, let’s just be clear. We’re not only supporters, but we’re members too.

The 18 year-old singer is continuing to drop new music from his upcoming disc Illuminate ahead of its September 23 release date and yesterday’s new track is the cautionary tale, “Don’t Be A Fool.”

Continuing to take inspiration from John Mayer both musically and lyrically, Mendes explains why he’s undateable, singing, “And don’t be a fool / And wait on me darling / I know that you don’t want to hear this / But I’m always on the move.”

Throwing in a few Motown-esque harmonies to really sell the good-guy angle, Mendes sings about loving a girl, but having to leave her to avoid hurting her. Huh.

Singing “Cause you’ll find a man / Who will stand by your side,” Mendes is able to break hearts while maintaining his heartthrob status. Well played.

The new song is continuing in the simplistic approach heard on previous Illuminate releases “Mercy” and “Ruin,” with Mendes stripping down his songs and following in the guitar-driven ballad vein of Ed Sheeran and Mayer.

The young singer is apparently beginning to feel the effects of fame during his busy schedule, with “Don’t Be A Fool” acting as a pre-emptive warning to anyone hoping to date him. Looks like someone was paying attention during their tour with Taylor Swift. Failed personal relationship equal radio gold. Keep breaking those hearts, Shawn.