Is Shawn Mendes Morphing Into Justin Bieber?

Bieber and Mendes

Shawn Mendes debuted his first tattoo this week and after our initial thought of ‘wait, is he old enough to get that?’ followed by ‘oh yeah, his parents probably signed something,’ we moved on to our next thought; is Shawn Mendes morphing into Justin Bieber? Let’s check the receipts.

This comparison to Biebs has followed Mendes for the entirety of his career. Both singers are from the Toronto area, with Bieber growing up in Stratford and Mendes paying homage to his hometown with his new tattoo, a skyline of Toronto made to look like a guitar (okay, that’s pretty cool).

@shawnmendes got his first tattoo! What do you think of it? #etalk #shawnmendes (: @liviatsang)

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Both singers were discovered on social media, with Bieber uploading cover songs to YouTube, while Mendes, five years younger, opted for Vine.

Mendes and Bieber were both 16 when they released their debut pop albums.

Both singers opened for Taylor Swift’s tours early in their careers, helping them grow their fanbase thanks to the exposure.

Justin and Taylor

Shawn and Justin have been in the news for high profile romances with pop singers, though Mendes and Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello maintain they’re just friends. Sounds like another couple who used to say they were ‘just friends.’


We obviously like them both.


Bieber has even given Mendes the reigning Pop Prince stamp of approval, something Justin received from both Usher and Justin Timberlake early in his career.

The two have cult-like followings, with Mendes boasting 11.2 million followers on Instagram, an impressive number considering his much shorter career in comparison to Bieber, who has 73.2 million Beliebers ‘hearting’ his pics.

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All of these factors could be dismissed simply as pop stardom coincidences, but with Mendes now acquiring his first piece of ink around the same time the public saw Bieber’s baby soft skin sporting a Jesus piece, we do have to wonder if the rest of Mendes’ career and personal life will follow his pop predecessor.