Shawn Mendes Killed A Lot Of YouTubers With His Cover Of ‘Drag Me Down’

Drag Me Down Shawn Mendes Main

Canadian pop singer Shawn Mendes stayed up late last night to post a video of himself covering One Direction’s new single Drag Me Down, resulting in the death of many, many YouTubers.

The 2015 MMVA performer and his cover of fellow teen heartthrobs was just too much for the combined fandom, with many fans posting the details of their literal deaths. Literally.

This fan didn’t even need to hear the song to RIPeace Out.

Youtube 1

Whoopsie-accidental death!

Youtube 2


Youtube 3

Considering how their comment begins, I think the person may have just fallen on their keyboard.

Youtube 4

Some fans were very concise about their time of death.

Youtube 5

Others kept is simple.

Youtube 6

I mean, it’s not THAT casual. Mendes is at least wearing black out of respect.

Youtube 7

The high notes get ya every time.

Youtube 8

Final words.

Youtube 9

Fewer final words.

Youtube 10

Might as well call him Buffy The Song Slayer Mendes.

Youtube 11

We weren’t kidding about the high notes.

Youtube 12a

Ur wlcom.

Youtube 13

Watch Shawn Mendes perform One Direction’s Drag Me Down…if you dare.