Shawn Mendes Recreates Cult Classic ‘Lost In Translation’ For ‘Lost In Japan’ Video

Shawn Mendes, Alisha Boe, Lost In Japan, Lost In Translation

Shawn Mendes usually goes deep into the emotional core of his lyrics with his music videos, using dark imagery to translate the pain and heartbreak of his songs. With his latest single “Lost In Japan,” Mendes is in love and is finally giving himself a break. No bruises or bricks here.

Teaming up with Zedd for the song’s official remix, “Lost In Japan” lets Mendes show off his more carefree side by remaking Sofia Coppola’s 2003 classic Lost In Translation. The original rom com stars Bill Murray as an American actor in Tokyo shooting a liquor ad and Scarlett Johansson as a young American woman left in her hotel while her husband is off shooting a photography assignment. The two expats continually encounter one another in their hotel and strike up an unlikely friendship, with the film winning the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

In Mendes’ “Lost In Japan,” he takes on Murray’s character, while 13 Reasons Why actor Alisha Boe does her best ScarJo. Zedd also makes an appearance in the video, popping up in the karaoke scene.

Much like the song, the video for “Lost In Japan,” Mendes’ third single off his 2018 self-titled album, captures the exciting feeling of starting a new romance, with the situation heightened by being in an unknown environment. We’re not sure whether it’s cheating that one of Mendes’ best video is based on a film, but this is definitely one of his best videos. It’s just so fun!

So, how closely does “Lost In Japan” resemble Lost In Translation? We investigated.

There’s the elevator scene.


Shooting the alcohol ad.


Looking out the hotel window.


The famous pink wig.


And more karaoke performances.


“Lost In Japan” recreated most of the film’s iconic moments.


Including the movie poster.


But we couldn’t help but wish they also ended the video with the same secret line of dialogue exchanged between Murray and Johansson. We love a good whisper-hug.