Shawn Mendes Takes On Madison Square Gardens In ‘Ruin’ Video

Shawn Mendes Ruin Video

Shawn Mendes is continuing his transition from freshman to senior year with the upcoming release of his second album, Illuminate, due out September 23. Mendes announced his sophomore album earlier this year and dropped the disc’s first single, “Treat You Better,” in June.

The video for “Treat You Better” premiered a week ago, with the subject matter centering around Mendes’ infatuation with a woman dealing with domestic abuse. The visuals and song marked a departure from the more easy-listening poppy tracks of his debut album, Handwritten.

Less than a week later, Mendes has dropped another video, this time for his track “Ruin.” While it may at first appear premature to release two videos so close together while still months away from the premiere of Illuminate, there is another reason; ticket sales.

While most artists head out on tour once their latest album has dropped, Mendes has already been living out of suitcases for the majority of 2016. The Toronto teen has made his way across Europe and North America performing tracks from Handwritten and Handwritten Revised. Kicking off March 5, The Shawn Mendes World Tour won’t wrap up until November, when the singer concludes his set of dates in Australia. Along the way, Mendes will return to Madison Square Gardens, which doubled as the backdrop for his new video, “Ruin.”

Appearing solo for his John Mayer-inspired track, Mendes and his electric guitar play to an empty MSG, a sight he won’t see when he returns to the theatre on September 10 for the recently sold-out show. The black and white video is another check mark in the brooding singer/songwriter how-to guide, with Mendes emoting effortlessly cool heartbreak while standing at a mic and sitting on stage.

Mendes’ upcoming concert date won’t be his first time as the iconic New York City landmark. He first performed at Madison Square Gardens while opening for Taylor Swift on her 1989 Tour, telling Rolling Stone “It happened so quick and it was so stressful of a situation, so MSG this time around, I’m going to take that moment onstage and be like, ‘I’m here. This is amazing, this is incredible [and] where I needed to be.'”

What better way to remember a venue that by shooting an entire music video there? Check out Shawn Mendes in “Ruin” below.