Shawn Mendes On Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber And How He Made His Mom Cry


Shawn Mendes may be only 18, but that doesn’t mean the young popstar isn’t ready for a grown-up interview with veteran journalist Larry King.

Mendes appeared on King’s series Larry King Now to talk about his new album Illuminate, having his words taken out of context by the media, and what he really thinks of the Justin Bieber comparisons.

The Toronto native just released the 2017 tour dates for his upcoming album, with only two Canadian dates listed. We think King should have asked him about that national oversight.

With Mendes’ sophomore album Illuminate set to drop on September 23, the pop star has been promoting the album everywhere, including King’s hot seat. Here’s what we learned from Shawn Mendes’ sit down with Larry King. Check out the full episode here.

On being compared to Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran: “I think there’s things to like and things not to like. I think Justin, and obviously Ed Sheeran are both phenomenal artists. Obviously my music is different from Justin’s and closer to Ed’s.”

On his controversial Billboard quote: “I was explaining how, as I grow up, I’m still changing and learning my fans as they are learning me as a person. As one person it takes time for the world to understand you just as you have to understand them, you know what I mean. So I was just basically touching on how it takes time for everyone to understand you…It was quoted in a different way, out of context. Which is upsetting…It seemed like a little big of a cocky statement.

On playing in front of an audience for the first time: “First time I played to an audience was this random day in Toronto where a couple people from Vine were going to Toronto to meet their fans…that’s when it went from something impossible to a very tangible dream.”

On his next career goal: “I love acting, I would really love to act. In the music videos we’re releasing you kind of get to see the acting. I would love to go and venture into that land.”

On his relationship status: “No girlfriends as of now. I’ve had a girlfriend.”

On his upcoming video for “Mercy”: “It’s very intense. It’s pretty intense. My mom was tearing up watching the screen because of how scary it is.”

On Taylor Swift: “Lovely, really lovely. A true, genuine person. Someone to look up to as an artist. Something I learned from watching Taylor on stage was that there’s no amount of success that allows you to stop working hard.”