Shawn Mendes Fights For His Life In New Video For ‘Mercy’


If Shawn Mendes is aiming to send his millions of young fans into a panic with his latest video—mission accomplished. Mendes gets literal with “Mercy,” taking the lyrics, “Consuming all the air inside my lungs / Ripping all the skin from off my bones / I’m prepared to sacrifice my life” to the extreme.

Mendes’ new video acts as a cautionary tale against driving and drowning, with the Canadian singer spending most of the clip trying to escape a sinking car. The almost too realistic scene is enough give most viewers heart palpitations and lead to an immediate Googling of ‘how to escape from a sinking car.’ We found a video and watched it immediately.

The video also includes shots of Mendes alone in a music studio making his way from one instrument to another, with the young singer getting progressively more wet as he plays, mirroring his experience in the sinking car.

During a recent interview with Larry King, Mendes admitted that his new video for “Mercy” made his mom cry, and now we understand why. The video thankfully has a happy ending.

The new track is the third single Mendes has released from his upcoming sophomore album Illuminate, following “Treat You Better” and “Ruin.” Last week, Mendes also uploaded “Don’t Be A Fool,” finally taking on a different subject matter. While the teen singer’s first three songs have focused on having his own heart broken, “Don’t Be A Fool” centers around Mendes’ inability to commit to a relationship. Seems like a bit of a mixed message?

“Mercy” is part of Shawn Mendes’ second studio album Illuminate, which is set to be released this Friday.