Should Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson Release An Album Together?

Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson have announced plans to release a collaborative album this November. The Aussie teen and Canadian superstar have been posting pictures together from the studio on their Instagram pages, with Simpson including video snippets and shots of him with Bieber’s musical director, Dan Kanter.

The twosome may seem like an odd pairing for a collabo album, with Simpson’s bubble-gum surfer pop a far cry from Bieber’s foray into darker, R ‘n B-influenced pop music as of late. But let’s be honest. They’re cute and talented and we will totally buy their album.

Collaborative albums are a tricky beast. Some artists bring out the best in one another, while other duets are best left in the theory stage.

Let’s take a look at collaborative albums that worked and what Bieber and Simpson can learn from them.

Watch The Throne, Jay Z and Kanye West
Lessons Learned: Team up with someone who brings out the best in you and know that not every song has to feature both artists equally. Also, leave your egos at the door.

Nick and Knight, Nick Carter and Jordan Knight
Lessons Learned: Someone who may have one been a foe (BSB vs NKOTB) may be a musical collaborator in disguise. Also, a little gimmicky action never hurt anyone.

Cheek to Cheek, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett
Lessons Learned: Don’t be afraid to look outside your genre for a musical collaborator. Find someone who pushes you outside of your comfort zone and challenges you to make a record completely different from your usual offerings.

Collision Course, Jay Z and Linkin Park
Lessons Learned: In one of the most surprising and celebrated collaborations in recent history, Jay Z took his monster hits and mashed them up with Linkin Park’s hugely successful singles. The end result was an album no one saw coming and an example of two unlikely artists complimenting one another and broadening one another’s fan bases.