Sia Again Makes Music Video Magic With ‘Alive’

Alive Main

Singer and songwriter Sia has been busy penning hits for some of the biggest pop stars in music today, but even with her proven track record (two Golden Globe nominations for Best Original Song), not every piece of music Sia presents to artists is recorded.

Thankfully, these songs have found a home on Sia’s upcoming album, This Is Acting. Featuring tracks originally written for Adele, Rihanna, and more, Sia is now releasing the songs with her vocals, including her latest single Alive.

Originally intended for Adele’s upcoming third studio album 25, Alive is a booming pop ballad that lets Sia display her strong and emotive vocals.

The video for the track was released today and features a solo performance by a young girl in one of Sia’s famous black and white wigs.

Living alone in a barren warehouse, the tiny warrior shows off her incredible strength through karate, with an overlying sadness to the image of a child alone. A small cot, a few pictures on the wall, and a hot plate appear to be the child’s only belongings aside from a heap of broken furniture. The simple but compelling story is strongest in its act of eliciting questions from the viewer. Where is her karate master? Who is she planning on fighting? How long has she been alone? Why has no one come for her? Still, even in her loneliness, the child is very much, as Sia sings, alive.

The video is directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, the same duo behind Sia’s trilogy for Chandelier, Big Girls Cry and Elastic Heart starring Dance Moms performer Maddie Ziegler.

Could Alive be the start of a new trilogy from Sia? We hope so.

Sia’s seventh studio album This Is Acting will be released on January 29.