Sia Releases New Track ‘Cheap Thrills’ Originally Written For Rihanna

Cheap Thrills Main

Sia’s upcoming January album This Is Acting is all about making lemons into lemonade, but in the case of the successful singer and songwriter, the lemons are huge hits that were passed over the world’s biggest pop stars. So you know, they’re *really* good lemons.

The new album has Sia taking songs originally written for artists like Adele and Beyonce and recording and releasing them on her own. So far we’ve heard Alive and Bird Set Free, both of which were initially intended for Adele.

Now Sia has released the third single from her upcoming seventh studio album with Cheap Thrills. The intro reminds us of Gwen Stefani’s Baby Don’t Lie, with hints of drum and bass and an electronic back beat that we could totally see working for Rihanna, who the song was originally written for. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything danceable from Rihanna, possibly a sign that the singer’s next album ANTI has been delayed in order to find a new direction for the chart-topper.

Sia told Rolling Stone Magazine that Cheap Thrills was written in response to Rihanna’s manager requesting another single like Diamonds, which was also penned by Sia. In the end, Sia realized the song was possibly more Brit-pop sounding than Rihanna’s usual sound and the Barbados native passed.

Thankfully, Sia liked it enough to release the track on her own. “For some reason, I really liked listening to it which makes me feel masturbatory, but I wouldn’t normally be just jamming out to my own tunes,” said Sia. “There’s something really uplifting about it that put me in a good mood, and I would just pretend it wasn’t me singing. It felt very summer and fun, and I was like, ‘I’ll put that on there.'”

Sia’s This Is Acting is set to be released on January 29. As for ANTI, your guess is as good as ours.