Sia Drops Brand New Video For ‘The Greatest’

The Greatest Sia

Sia is continuing to inspire young fans to dance by dropping her latest toe-tapping video, this time for her new single “The Greatest.”

The new video features Sia’s 1000 Forms Of Fear muse Maddie Ziegler, the young dancer who rose to fame as part of the reality series Dance Moms. “The Greatest” marks 14 year-old Ziegler’s fifth appearance in a Sia music video, with today’s new visuals incorporating a large dance company alongside the talented entertainer.

Ziegler wears her usual tan leotard and black wig in “The Greatest,” where she’s joined in an abandoned house by a gang of young dancers wearing similar post-apocalyptic rags and gray face paint. Ziegler and co. show off their incredible contemporary routine as they dance through the house, forcing smiles and finishing the videos as they started, slumped in heaps throughout the set. The final minute of the music video is silent, ending on an eerie note as Ziegler stares straight at the camera and cries.

Sia’s seventh studio album This Is Acting was released at the end of January and featured the cutting room floor contents of songs written for some of today’s biggest pop stars. Adele, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Rihanna are among the artists Sia wrote her new album for, but when the popstars passed, Sia decided to use the remains on the cutting room floor for her own disc. “The Greatest” isn’t part of This Is Acting’s track list and it’s unclear whether the single is part of a re-release or new album.

Sia co-directed “The Greatest” with her frequent collaborator Daniel Askill (“Chandelier,” “Elastic Heart,” “Cheap Thrills”) and worked with choreographer Ryan Heffington, who also choreographed “Cheap Thrills.”

Today’s music video doesn’t include Kendrick Lamar, although fans who download the audio from iTunes will receive “The Greatest” featuring a verse from the esteemed rapper.

Check out Sia’s new video for “The Greatest” below.